Managed Centralized Logging

Bring awareness and visibility into your services, applications and infrastructure

We offer managed Elastic cloud log consolidation and analysis for your small business

To get the most visibility into your systems and applications, the log events generated for authentication, authorization and operations should be sent to a centralized data lake for analysis. By leveraging the applications and cloud services provided by our partners we can use visualizations to bring to light anomalies and issues that night otherwise go unnoticed in your infrastructure.

Insufficient logging and monitoring is an OWASP Top 10 vulnerability and our goal is to increase the security posture of your assets and mitigate risk wherever possible.

Cloud storage allows for automated archival of your log data for retention compliance and analysis for issues that might be discovered later and require forensic analysis to determine the vector and perpetrator of any malicious activity.

Benefits for using our managed logging service:

  • Security Compliance

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Threat Identification

  • Security Forensics

  • Log Data Visualization

  • Machine Learning Anomaly Detection

  • Automated Alerting