PunkInnovation, LLC specializes in providing information technology training that focuses on real-world scenarios and examples.

Our background includes the installation, configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting across the entire OSI model encompassing just about every vendor hardware and software in the industry. Cisco, Juniper, SourceFire, F5, Brocade, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Fortinet, Arista are just some examples of the vendors we have decades of experience working with for small, medium and large scale enterprise and data center environment.s

Each class contains multiple hands-on labs so you can practice the skills learned that day. We provide a lab environment that allows you to practice what you have learned without worrying about costs associated with spinning up cloud instances, or buying hardware or installing virtualization software on your won machine.

The focus is on the command-line because the command-line dominates the Linux server market and the command-line skills you learn in our program easily translate to the network layer.

Confidence with the CLI

Sourcefire vs Palo Alto UTM Appliances

Unified threat from Sourcefire and Palo Alto Solutions


Version 4.10 from Sourcefire was a stable, robust, competent piece of software. The detection engines performed their duties as expected and IPS/IDS functionality worked as expected.


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